This page will be down to Cliff - once I have him mastered in the art of web sites - could be fun for someone who is currently trying to master Windows XP ( with no real experience of 95 and 98 ! ) and computers in general.

I will simply put some piccies of the bikes up for now. Both bikes were bought - actually swapped for Cliff's RT and some cash - before Christmas. Cliff's already has the Touratech Panniers so that was a bonus. Both bikes have engine bars.

This is Cliff's steed - a 1995 Funduro. Apparently, according to Cliff the best thing about this bike is that it is RED. He's been trying to get a red bikes for years now !
This is Jenny's mule - a 1997 Strada. Biggest downer - it's white - what a naff colour for a bike ! Plan is to go mad with stickers.
The pictures above of the two F650's are as we purchased them, the Strada. having a slightly lower seat height is ideal for Jenny as she is a bit of a shorty.

Modifications so far are:-

Funduro:- fit Ermax screen, Acerbis 27 litre tank and hand guards, Stainless brake hoses lower gearing, fit new fork seals, change head race bearings, change top box, fit oil temperature gauge and clock, fit new handlebars and heated grips, fit chain oiler and do a major service.

Strada:- respoke the front wheel with a19 inch rim, modify front mudguard, rechrome fork legs, fit new fork seals, head race bearings and stainless brake hoses, fit Acerbis 27 litre tank and hand guards, fit Touratech ali panniers, fit top box, fit heated grips, fit chain oiler and do a major service.

24th March 2002

We have been working away on the bikes for the last few weekends in earnest now. Our major headache has been replacing the headrace bearings - without the right tools and no electric for a welder in the garage this was a nightmare - several sore thumbs later and about 2 days we finally got them out of my bike - well the bottom one anyway. However, after spending the day at BMW GB in Bracknell with their Technical Training Officer he has agreed to lend us the right tool for doing Cliff's bike. The day was spent taking Cliff's bike apart and looking for obvious signs of wear and tear and items that should be replaced before we leave. This was all free of charge and courtesy of BMW.................thanks Peter.

As you can see from the following pictures taken on Sunday we have got the wheels back into my bike but not the tank on - I am currently painting a design on this as the plain white plastic is naff. Cliff's wheels are out for new tyres, tank loose ready to fit the new Acerbis one, carburettors out ( he feels his runs lumpier than mine so he is checking them ). So his poor bike is in bits now. We are going away at Easter for a trial run - loaded up with all the gear we are taking - minus a few items that we don't have yet - so Cliff has two days off the finish his bike.

Strada with New 17" front wheel and tyres
Funduro in garage with no wheels
Cliff working on Funduro
Funduro with no air box and carburettors
Well we are back from down South and things went well - we noticed a few items that we needed to pack but, sadly, as room is lacking, nothing that we could leave behind. Unfortunately we didn't have the tent we wanted - we ordered a nice Salewa one which was 40cm long ( just fit in the panniers we thought ). However, on getting it, although the pack itself said 40cm long the poles were 48cm long ! We also have to get new sleeping bags - smaller and lighter to pack. But apart from that and a few more bits to be done with the bikes things went rather well. Except falling off on the Quantock Hills. For piccies see Us.