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Two BMW F650's 2002/3

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I chose this font colour scheme to remind me of why we are going......actually one of the reasons we are going......cold and wet. Now being half Irish myself and having spent over 5 years living there you would have thought I'd be used to the rain by now! Well we are off to sunnier and dryer climes on the 27th of May 2002 - tickets booked - no going back now.

I have only just begun to learn web site design (well, web site by numbers really) so bear with me if it doesn't all work first time.

The plan is to keep this going with information on where we are going, why and also once we are off, with where we are at the time. We hope that some nice computer company will sponsor us with a laptop (nope had to buy the laptop) and digital camera - time to kiss some spotty sales persons bum I think soon - lovely thought ;-(

Well if I haven't managed to sound too boring yet then above are links to some pages I am working on ( might not all be done yet ) If you have any suggestions for the site or come across any problems e-mail me at Home

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