Terra Nova - Wild Country Tents and camping accessories

Terra Nova design and manufacture a range of tents here in Derbyshire, many of the Laser range of tents are made here with the Wildcountry range being designed here but manufactured in China.

Terra Nova have been making tents that are very light and pack into a small bag for the mountaineering market for a number of years, they make the lightest tent in the world weighing only 495 grams, thats just 1.1 lbs, The tent is called the Laser Ultra 1 If low weight and small pack size are important to you then it maybe worth the cost of £650

We will be supplying a range of Terra Nova tents and products, We are very pleased to be the first to be bringing these tents to the motorcycling market, they have been selling very well with mountaineers, cyclists and backpackers but no one has marketed these tents to the overland motorcycle traveller before. If there is anything that you want that is not listed here on our website or online shop then please contact us and we will endevour to find and supply the product that you are looking for.

Wild Country Aspect 2

The Wild Country Aspect 2 has an effortless mix of form and function that makes it an easy to use and lightweight backpacking tent for 2 people.

All the features required for a comfortable trip are included, but at a fraction of the price and weighing only 2.2kg. The wide main door make access simple, while the smaller rear door offers ventilation options and second way in or out when sharing. The main door can also be turned into an awning using the Awning Pole Set (sold seperately), or walking poles.

The steep-sides give the inner a real feeling of space and stability not usually found in tents of this size, and the half-mesh door and wide roof vents help to keep the interior cool without sacrificing too much heat in cold weather.


Wild Country Aspect 3

The Aspect 3 tent is very similar to the Aspect 2 tent but is larger providing more storage space and headroom, thus making it a more comfortable tent for two people. The Aspect 3 features a full-length inner and porch for exceptional comfort and flexibility, with neat gear storage trays allowing access to kit without leaving the inner.

  • Wild Country Duolite

    The Wild Country Duolite provides an ideal backpacking tent for two people, with a max weight of only 1.2kg per person! The unique pole design means that the inner sits well back from the porch to provide greater protection from wet weather, making this tent more suitable for 3-4 season backpacking use.

    The Duolite tent has been designed with backpackers and cyclists in mind so that it give a good ammount of living space without a pack size or weight penalty, this makes this tent and the Duolite Tourer especially good for motorcycle travellers.

    Lightweight DAC poles and a semi-geodesic structure add to stability whilst meticulous design of the inner has led to as much functional space as possible being created.


    Wild Country Duolite Tourer

    Although designed as a dyed-in-the-wool touring tent, the Wild Country Duolite Tourer's low packed weight of 2.95kg makes it suitable for anyone looking to sleep two and have masses (1.5m wide x 1.9m long) of porch space. Whats more, the clever combination of semi-geodesic and tunnel syles of construction mean that the Tourer is both stable and roomy.

    The huge porch opens at the side or front to make access easier for both bikes and riders, and the packed length of 40cms means the Douolite Tourer will fit in most cycle panniers with ease. 

    Terra Nova Solar Photon 2

    New model for Spring 2011, the Solar Photon 2 is very easy to set up and use. The Solar Photon 2 tent is the lightest 2-person self-supporting tent in the world!.
    Featuring front and rear fly hoods for great ventilation and its stable shape has been designed for use in poor weather. the Solar Photon 2 is compatible with the Terra Nova FASTPACK system which allows those who want to trim weight further when conditions permit, to use the flysheet and the fastpack groundsheet which is available separately.

    This tent has been designed with use in hot climates in mind, this tent can be pitched without the flysheet as shown in the picture below, if you want to camp in the desert or some hot tropical climate but you don't want to get bitten by bugs and mosiquitos you can use this tent instead of carrying a mosquito net as well, you can even put it up in a hotel room !

    This is a very special tent, it weighs less than 1 kg including the bag! it's not cheap but it is very well made, even the inside of the tent poles are anodised This is a exceptional quality tent

    Terra Nova Laser Space 2

    The Laser Space 2 expands on the success of our Laser range of superlite tents and is the first ever lightweight backpacking tent that you can stand up in.
    Weighing just over 3kg the amount of space available inside is remarkable, and the 1.76m of headroom makes it possible to change out of wet clothing in the porch whilst keeping the inner tent clean and dry. The porch is 3m2 and will accomodate folding chairs and rucksacks with ample space left for cooking or accessing the inner tent. A smaller "back door" makes it possible to exit the tent in the night without crossing your partner, or can be used as a main entrance if the porch is required for storage of large items such as bikes. The use of our superlite fabrics on this model means that the flysheet seams can't be taped, but are instead covered by a pole hood (included). A major benefit of these superlite fabrics (other than the incredible low weight, obviously!) is that this huge 2 person tent has a packed size of a mere 55x20 cms.

    Terra Nova Laser Space 5

    The Laser Space 5 is a new tent that changes completely the standards for lightweight family or group camping. Or you could park your bike inside the tent and leave the kids at home !!

    It seems impossible but this huge structure with it's two sleeping areas, 1.8m of headroom,14.5mm poles, 2.6m2 of communal porch and 2 small vestibules accessed from the inners weighs in at less than 1.1kg per person (5.4kg max weight) and has a packed size of only 55x25 cms. These impressive specifications mean that the Laser Space 5 manages to be an "all in one" tent, just as suitable for hiking in to remote crags with a group of friends as it is for sleeping a family of 5 for a week in the Peak District. For luxury and ease of use there can be few tents of this size that compare, and none for such an incredibly small weight and pack size.

    Titainium Tent Pegs

    Tough, V-angled titanium pegs for use in difficult conditions, without paying a large weight penalty.
    The V-angle increases surface area without adding much bulk and provides excellent purchase in a variety of ground conditions. Perforated sides help to reduce weight even further. Just 18g each.

    Price ~ £35 inc Vat

    Superlite Titainium Tent Pegs

    Super lightweight version of our Titainium peg with a slimmer shape.
    The V-angle increases surfaces area with out much bulk and provides excellent purchase in a variety of ground conditions. Weighing just 11g each the Superlite Titanium peg offers greater security with very little extra weight.

    Price ~ £25 inc Vat