This was written in early 2002 prior to our departure, we are now a few years older!

Cliff is 40 years old and Jenny is 35. We were both born in London and our parents moved out to Suffolk. Cliff has riden motorcycles since he was 14 and Jenny passed her test in June 1999.

Cliff is a lorry driver and Jenny does accounts for a small company that restores World  War II aeroplanes, specialising in the Hawker Hurricane.

Initially we were going to take 3 months off work and ride around the Mediterranean. But after speaking with Chris Scott at an exhibition this route was not going to be much fun, Egypt being a problem to get into and Algeria being in turmoil, and then there is the problem of Israel and not being able to get into countries like Syria or Lybia if you have an Israeli stamp on your passport or carnet. Hence we had to rethink. One thing led to another and we came to the conclusion that if we were going to do it we might as well do as much as we can.

However, we are not the best people at saving money and the only option was to sell our house and buy a flat in town so that our overheads were reduced and thus allow us to save for the trip.

We decided that we would head for New Zealand and work there for a while, Jenny's work has connections there, then continue to the USA and home - or not - the possibility of not coming back was around also.

Then came Jenny's boss who said that if we returned in one years time he would hold her job open for her - so we are now only off for approximately one year.

The furthest we have been so far is the South of France but we both enjoy long distance riding - 30 miles is hardly worth getting the bikes out for.

Below are some of the places we have been too on our bikes.

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Andorra - the furthest point reached so far - this was Summer '01 when we also went to Le Mans for the 24 Hour Race
Camping in the South of France
Camping at Le Mans - loved the tent the lads next door had - also made it easy to find our one - Green and Blue one just behind it.
The Bently came in in 3rd Place to a hero's Welcome. The Audi's were first and second but the Bentley was cheared on as though it was the winner !
Cornwall - Jenny's first camping weekend after passing her bike test. Her first bike being a Kawasaki ER5 and Cliff with his BMW R1100GS.
Sorry about the ugly mug in the picture but this photo was a must whilst on hols on the bikes near Southampton.
BMW's 50th Anniversary at Malvern, - it rained, and rained and rained.
AND MORE RAIN.............
Taking a river trip in Bruges
A few of us go for a ride in the mountains in Ireland
St Audrey's Bay ( BMW National Rally ) and Burnham-on-Sea........or as the locals pointed out Burnham-on-Mud.
More piccies.........here
Although not strictly part of the planning for our trip. For Cliff's 40th Birthday we went on a sailing weekend - this was our boat. More pictures............here

Force 6 was a bit hairy ! :-)