Easter 2002

BMW Club Rally & Burnham on Sea

Camping at St Audley's Bay. This is not the tent that we plan to take but has lasted well - room for the bikes in the front end ! It is for sale is anyone is interested. As you can see we were camped right next to the cliff edge.
This was the view from our camp spot - the Waterfall in the background was very high - see lower picture. The walk took around an hour but was worth it. The tide came right up to the edge of the cliff and the waterfall went into the sea.
Sunset as seen from our tent.
The waterfall. If you enlarge this picture you can see me showing the size of the waterfall. If you can't be bothered - I am the little spec at the bottom right of the waterfall.
We took a rider over Exmoor. The roads were surprising good although it was a bit cold and windy. On the Thursday we went to the Heritage Learning Centre to attend a course entitled "How to navigate on Exmoor in thick fog". Trekking around the hills, even if it was only for a few hours was hard work.
Two snails, amoung the many, that we saw when the tide was out. There were hundreds of them. This is our first attempt at an arty photo :-)