Australia was to be our last country on our tour. We planned to do more of the country but time was fast running out. Originally Cliff had expected that we would spend in the region of 3 months here - now we had 6 weeks max. Time spent in Iran and Pakistan meant this would be a whistle stop tour. We decided that to go all over the country would be impossible so we settled to ride from Sydney north as far as Townsville and then cut in to Alice Springs, down to Adelaide and along the coast back to Sydney.
We stayed with Jenny's sister in Sydney for 3 nights. Having been here before we did not really do the touristy thing here and hence we do not have specatular pictures of the bridge or the Opera House - sorry.

Sydney is a wonderful city - clean, friendly and such a wonderful mixture of convicts........oops sorry.........people ( please no hate mail from our Aussie friends! ). We took a day out to wander around central Sydney attempting to be tourists but it just didn't happen - having seen the performers on Circular Quay before they were amusing but not so interesting. The excitement of our day our touring was a trip into the temporary "health" booth for a quick check of blood pressure, cholestral, diabetes, body fat mass and liver check (this one was extremely worrying as we really did not need to be told that they were pickled ! ). Cliff did well on all counts - except body mass - too many pies for lunch in New Zealand and Jenny was low on iron (not due to picklying surprisingly).

Enough waffle - a picture of the Opera House

OK, so it's in the background.
Despite the fact that the Aussies haven't been here long they still manage to have "old" looking buildings. The Queen Victoria Building (or QVB as the locals call it ) is a huge shopping mall that at least looks old.
Yep, that's the old dragon on siting on her throne over the front entrance door.
Perhaps not so old looking but we did like the kangaroo and emu (?) over the door.
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