Jenny wanted to return to Salzburg having been the as a nipper on a school trip, So we road from Bratislava to Salzburg, about an hour from Salzburg it started to spit with rain, but as we had ridden though a few short showers over the previous week or so I (Jenny only stopping when I did as the intercoms are still not working ) decided to ride through it hoping that in a couple of miles the rain would have stopped then a big
black cloud jumped out from behind a mountian and drowned us, no point in stopping now we'll soon be in Salzburg thought 'I', About an hour later we get to Salzburg cold, wet through and a bit pissed off, we'ed stopped at tourist info board to look for a campsite, Time for a fag so I get out my packet of soggy wet smokes, the air turns to a light shade of blue as I search for a dry pack of smokes. Finally refreshed it's of to the campsite but the slip road we want is closed!!!!..........more cursing................but then at last the good lord give's us a break, a sign for a campsite, Kassen camp turned out to be a good site, (communal cooking area with fridge to chill you're beer AND hot showers). This was our last chance of English conversation for a while - we met a couple of Canadians ( Matthew and Janice ) and an Aussie fella driving the local tourist bus around ( yep more Aussies - get everywhere they do ).

Cliff, Janice, Matthew and Aussie ( sorry forgot your name ! )

Salzburg was very regal and the castle high on the hill which was accessible via a rather steep train - around 45 degree angle. The Castle was nice and the view of Salzburg brilliant but after seeing three or four at this stage we were castled out so stayed for only a short while. We did do the guided tour around the musuem part of the castle - this is itself was good but designed for those who really wanted to know who every one of the Bishops on the walls were. The "guide" simply followed us round opening various doors as we were handed a small tape recorder devise which played away to you in your language explaining everything in way too much detail. We were glad to get out. The best part of Salzburg was the Magic Fountains. Some nutter with loads of money and a nice Chateaux type house had around 20 of these. Basically they were all forms and shapes of trick fountains that would squirt water at you as you passed etc etc. The table in the pictures was the best. Both Cliff and I decided to give it a go - being very careful not to sit on the middle of the chairs.

More piccies here.........
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