After leaving Amsterdam, we headed for the Gronendijke motorcycle loft hotel near Ostend to meet up with the East Anglian Crazy Gang (alias our local BMW Club section). Whilst the others went out riding we made use of the time to drain out the fuel tanks and clean the fuel filters and sort out some minor electrical problems. No fun for us but it was time well spent.

This was also where we realised that we had forgotten to sort out an

International dial up account for the internet-our first serious COCK-UP, this has proved to be a real pain in the butt, we have tried various internet providers but without success, our existing BT account can only be used at international call rates.

As we had been to this place several times before we didn't bother to do any sightseeing - been there, done that etc etc. Belgium itself is a fairly freindly place but flat - very flat and when it is windy there is nothing stopping it - at times you can be convinced that you will be blown off the bikes.

On the Saturday evening there was a band - St Patrick and the Blues Potatoes ! They actually turned out to be very good - Jenny not being a lover of Blues music generally. The lead musician was excellant on the harmonica. For the evening Tony and Unichi had made up t-shirts for us all to wear............this stems from t-shirts for the BMW 50th Anniversary meet when Tony and Unichi supplied lime green t-shirts for everyone with details of varoius "jobs" in the section that the members held from previous get togethers. Cliff being the Tobacco and Alcohol Import Specialist ( i.e. he told them all where to get the cheapest fags and booze ), Jenny being the Indoor Sports Organiser ( due to her total inability to play table tennis one night and having everyone in stitches ). These new t-shirts were bright orange with the title being "The Bigger the Balls the Greater the Distance" followed underneath by a elaborate graph showing the mathematics behind the title - not that anyone could work the graph out.... Many thanks for the t-shirts lads ....................extra weight, storage space etc etc :-)

The East Anglian Posse round-up a few cold one's
Ken and Jenny engrossed by Dave's witty conversation (Har well, If yerd Barked at Bankley's I might ave elped ya)

Left Belgium a day later than everyone else heading for Luxembourg and stopped in a Formula 1 hotel in Charleloi, Belgium for the night - more fuel problems still :-(

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