As we were travelling though europe I wanted to revisit Croatia and in particular I wanted to return to Zadar as I did a medical aid run in the truck back in '93, that aid run proved to be a very memorable experience.

We left Postijna in Slovinia and headed for Rijeka then joined the coast road heading for Zadar, that coast road is very slow, mind you I did expect this road to be slow going as

when we did the aid run it took all day to drive it in the truck (customs and regular check points with some very edgy soldiers that were a bit to keen to point their AK47's at us, unbeknown to us at the time this was the day that NATO picked to launch their first air strikes). Finally we arrived at our campsite late in the afternoon, we pitched our tent and then headed for the sea for a nice cooling swim (it was 35oc).

We had a day's rest spent some time on the internet (but still have not resolved our access problems) and did some washing, then the next day we went in to Zadar for a look around, it did not take long to find the Cathedral and convent school where we (there was eleven of us in five trucks and a support vehicle) were recieved and fed by the Arch Bishop of Croatia (despite the gapping hole and blown out doors made by a serb tank) as we stood there looking at the convent school a Priest came out and we had a very good chat, he explained how the school had been repaired and showed us the new doors and how the hole in the wall was repaired but said that after the repairs had been completed in 1999 the convent school had become the new school for Priest's. After that we had a wander round Zadar looking at the bits I remembered then it was back to the campsite for more sun, sea and beer.

The old Convent school and Cathedral
The Cathedral ........note the doors are still burnt
Cliff updating the website in the dark
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