Czech Republic
We went to Prague (Praha) as it just had to be done. The tourists were manic - of which we were also. Our campsite was just North of the city on the tram line which meant it took around 20 minutes to get into town. It was obviously used by local builders as a base whilst working in the town during the week. First time I think we have ever seen people having beer with their breakfast ! OK so we
might have one at lunchtime but breakfast !!! Yuck. The beer was extremely cheap on the campsite - 25 kronas for two half litres - about 80p !! However, in the centre of Prague it was 150 kronas for two - much more of a rip off. When we got to the border we were told that Euro's would be taken - yeah right. The Campsite said no. This left us with basically no usable money. Two Germans were also at the site on two BMW R1150GS's - Kurpp and Torsten. They arrived over with two beers - THANKS LADS. They then proceeded to insist that they pay for the beer all night ( cheap night though ). The reasoning for this was that Torsten had been in Ireland and been bought drink all night without paying - think my Irish Passport finally paid off !! We had a great night - no food so peanuts for tea and plenty of beer. The next dodgy photo is of them and their bikes.
Charles Bridge, the Castle in the background ( the tall one being the Cathedral at the Castle - the Castle is just to the right.
The market in the old town.
Wenceslas Square at night
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