We stopped at a campsite between Rastatt and Baden-Baden in the Black Forest Area of Germany. By this stage we had sorted the ongoing problems with fuel - the fuel filters !! So out they came at a service station and since then everything has been fine. Typical !

We did the obligatory run up the 500 road through the Black Forest - a favourite with the local bikers. There were even signs warning about "mad bikers" with their knees down around corners !

However, we met none of them - all the bikes were going slow despite the glorious riding conditions.............go figure. The nearest we came to meeting one was a BMW K1200RS who came past us at a reasonable lick and a what can only be described as a plonker on a GSXR1000. We say this because he haired past us and then stopped behind a bus at the traffic lights whilst we went round him and the bus to be first in the queue.

Baden-Baden town is very nice, the Thermal Spring swimming pools are a bit of a rip off but we did it anyway. We had intended going into the Roman-Irish style one that specified no clothes and included a rub down with a brush and soap !! but at 30 Euros each the cost was too much.

The Roman-Irish Baths (green round roofs )
A typical house on the river front in Baden-Baden ... we are saving the deposit ;-)
Our first ever wooden bridge - somewhere between Freudanstatt and Rastatt.
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