Civilisation at last, After Serbia, Kosovo and Macadonia it was bloody good to find decent roads and people who understood what acredit card was, and no more rip-off insurence, We rode to Thessaloniki and headed for the centre looking for a tourist office to find out about campsites in the area, but by the time we had found it they were shut, so we asked in a couple of hotels 'How Much' and we were soon directed to a relativly
cheap one, the receptionist assumed we were Kfor gave us the discount price, so we were'nt going to tell him we were not Kfor, Once we crossed into Serbia all the customs and police check points would ask if we were Kfor, No we said, we are just tourist's, but with hindsight we should have said Yes and bluffed it out, maybe we would not have had to pay so much for their insurence.

Thessaloniki was Ok, food and beer at the main square by the sea was expensive so we walked two streets back from the sea and found good cheap food and very cheap wine, so that was us sorted and happy! The next morning we looked around for a couple of hours and got a free camping guide to Greece, then we headed for Sithos (Halkadiki) where we found all the campsites wanted about 20 Euro's a night, so we decided camping in Greece is a stupid price and we took a very nice room in Sarti for 25 Euro's, for the extra five Euro's a night we had a cool room with a balcony looking out to sea (beach 25 metre's from room) a ceiling fan our own shower room and a FRIDGE, this saved us most of the extra five Euro's a night as we could keep food fresh for day's (cold beer's as well) .

We stayed here for four day's and made the most of the relaxed nature of sarti to unwind, Jenny, never having been to a war zone before, stuggled to comprehend the suffering and resultent anamosity between the different people's of Bosnia / Serbia/Kosovo and so she really needed a few day's to unwind.

After four day's it was time to head for Istambul, so we road to Alexandropolis and found camping for 12 Euro's then the next morning we rode to the Turkish Border

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