We actually took the DFDS Ferry from Harwich to Cruxhaven in Germany, but went straight down to Amsterdam where we stayed for three nights at the Vliengenbos Camp Site just North of the City.

We spent one evening in Amsterdam and thought that it was a great place, full of life and just fun to be in - no we didn't visit one of the many Coffeeshops ( which don't sell much coffee :-) ).

One of our first priorities on arriving in Amsterdam was to get Jenny's rear shock sorted out. The spring was too weak once she had loaded up. We contacted the man who made the shocks for us and he agreed to send

a spacer to us at the campsite. This was on Monday before we left that afternoon. Come Thursday there was still no sign of the spacer. We had contacted a local KTM dealer and told him of our problem - he agreed that he would be able to compress the spring ready for fitting the spacer, so with no spacer to be seen we headed off to see him anyway. When we arrived they were a bit sceptical about whether they could help as we had no spacer. But Cliff rummaged around their second hand parts store and found a couple of old ones from scrap shocks. The ones he found had a thread through the middle which we did not want - No problem - they just turned them down to suit ( don't suppose there are many dealers in the UK with a milling machine and a lathe ! ). We dismantled the rear of Jenny's bike on the front forecourt much to the amusement of the customers ! It took Cliff, two of the mechanics and the boss to get the spring compressed enough to get the spacers in. But it worked - finally Jenny can stop the bike and leave it without having to find a huge hole to put the side stand in :-) THANKS VERY MUCH ALL AT "DE DOELEN OF ZAANDAM"
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