This is what makes Khajuraho famous and so different. To quote the lonely Planet- these Temples were built before the arrival of old Testament morality, These were all built by the Chandela dynasty, mostly between 950 AD
and 1050 AD, most of the sculpture involve women and/or sex both inside and outside the Temples, the Temples are all built on a plinth like structure and most of the sculptures on these are of people and animals, mostly Elephants and Tigers, with only the occasional small erotic sculpture at this level. Unlike the sculpture pictured above most of the erotic sculptures are quite small, only about eight inches high.
One of the Temples in the western complex, of which there were five.
The inside of the Temples is fairly dark and a little damp, this is perfect territory for mosquitos, during the day the mosquitos are not usually a problem so Cliff was wearing shorts and sandals and Jenny was wearing a dress and sandals, as a result we both got bitten numerous times, It is a good job that the malaria risk is in reality very low. As with most of the other places that we have been to, you soon find that one Temple is just like another and five of them is enough, we are also getting used to saying that we have seen them all as the locals will tell you that you have not seen the best ones yet, they always seem the same to us though.
Yet another sculpture of a position used in everyday life !!!
Khajuraho suffers from being a tourist destination so there are souvenir shops everywhere and you cannot walk passed one without being hassled to go in and have a look, of course once you are in then getting out is difficult without buying something, this makes it very difficult to find the things that you would actually like to buy, so you just don't buy anything and they lose out because they are hassling you.

We arranged to do an early morning Jeep Safari at the Panna Tiger Reserve, and at 5.30 AM we were in a Mahindra Jeep on our way to the reserve, this cost us about £18 in total for the Jeep and entry into the reserve with guide, which seems like a pretty good deal to me. Once into the park it was not long before we started to see some animals, we saw several different kinds of Deer and Antilope, along with Monkeys and Crocodiles, and many different types of Bird, many of which were very colourful. But we did not see a Tiger, a bit of a disappointment really as the guide claimed he had see a Tiger on each of the previous five days, and a couple who were staying in the same hotel, and had done the same safari the previous morning, had seen a Tiger with two cubs, Lucky buggers.

Just one of the many deer that we saw in the Panna Tiger Reserve, our guide called this one a Summer Deer.
A monkey with its youngster, I think this one is called a black faced monkey ?.
Having seen enough Temples and been to the Panna Tiger Reserve we decided to head for Varanasi, We decided after looking at the map and knowing that some of the roads were white ones on the map we decided that we would need two days for the ride to Varanasi, After consulting with several locals we decided that we would get just passed a town called Rewa and stop at the Maharaja Hotel.
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