We spent three nights here but we had only intended to stay for two nights just have a look around for just one day whilst buying some cheap fags, but good company and bad weather in the morning mean't we decided to stay an extra night, We met up with two aussie couples and a kiwi couple and we drank, smoked and put the world to rights into the wee small hours, spilling as much beer and wine as we drank and Aussie Colin smashed his
camping lamp !!!.

Luxembourg itself was quite...........well ok really, it's a clean nice sort of place but it does not really get the juice's flowing (well except may'be for the cheap fags anyway) , We went to the tourist office for the free guide to Lux and then did the recommended walk around the palaces, fortifications, museums etc but Lux is built on a couple of hills with a bit of a valley in between, the guide shows this with a river that you expect to be quite substantial but in reality is not big enough to wash your feet in. However the people were friendly enough (though the camp site was locked up for a couple of hours in the afternoon and you could not even get the motorbike out).

The Adolphe (?) Bridge in the centre of Luxmbourg. Very impressive and tall - you can take a walk through the valley under it ......see next picture.
The amazing river running through the centre of Lux under the Adolphe Bridge.
View from the top with old tunnels running through the rocks on the left.
The main square - the Palace at the end being patrolled by guards. Jane and Vlad heading towards us - centre picture - Vlad in shorts.
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