Once we actually got into Singapore we found a hotel near the airport and then went to see Tan at Wice Logistics to get the air freighting of the bikes sorted out. Having met up with Tan and got that ball rolling we then tried to book our flight out of Singapore, this is where we hit our first problem, It goes with out saying that on the day we wanted to travel all the flights were fully booked, So we had to contact Tan again and see if we could get the bikes shipped two days earlier than planned, fortunately there was space for one air freight container on the flight we wanted so a deal was done with Air New Zealand (ANZ) so we called back to book the flight for ourselves and all was finally sorted. The early departure meant that we did not have long to get the bikes thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the flight to NZ (Aus and NZ customs are very funny about importing any foreign things as they already have enough alien species already !!! )
We took the opportunity to strip the carbs and give them a good clean, but the fuel filters had done their job and there was very little to clean out, Anyway we striped everything out that we could and cleaned
the bikes as much as was possible without totally dismantling the bikes, they both cleaned up pretty well. These two F650's have coped well with the trip, we had no real problems with them and they are still in good nick, they both cleaned up better than we expected. The downside to all this time spent cleaning is that we saw very little in Singapore. Our two half day excursions consisted of one bus ride into town for dinner and the following day a trip to the main shopping area (very unexciting - unless you can afford Gucci handbags etc etc - and Jenny decided that they probably wouldn't replace our aluminium panniers very well !)

Friday morning we took the bikes to the cargo section at the airport and packed the bikes into a rather roomy container. There was no fiddling around removing front wheels - just strapped them in and threw the rest of our luggage around them - even as an afterthought chucking in our bike gear also. The bikes were later loaded into the same flight as us and off we all went on our merry way. The flight was 9.5 hours - which seemed amazingly long as we felt that we had surely ridden all the way round the world by now and NZ could only be a couple of hours away. The fact that the flight was non-smoking did not help towards the stress factor of such a long flight - but the drinks were free and we had bought a Nicorette fake cigarette thing to help us through it !

Definitely room for another bike or three in here. ANZ agreed to waive the fact that the weight of the bikes did not warrant such a big container - thanks lads.
I don't know that we would ever go back to Singapore - it's another city without any interesting buildings or places. In fact, it is government policy to demolish older buildings and replace them with high rise complexes as these can make more money - strange people. There are a few sections of town that still have some more interesting buildings but they are few and far between.
Singapore centre taken from the front seat of the bus.
A little more colour helps no ends to make these buildings more appealing even if they all still look new. This one took our fancy as it was the local "Cambridge University Press" shop.

Apart from the fact that Singapore is a very modern city, and perhaps a little dull because of it, it is a very efficient place, and you can get most of what you want here. Singapore is very much a working city, and not the best of places for the tourist, mind you we did not do it justice really as we were focused on getting the bikes out and on to New Zealand.;

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