After leaving Salzburg we decided that we should take in a pass or two. We headed across country rather than motorways and took in the Glockenthingy pass. This was very interesting - all very pretty - but by god it was slow. This was not helped by the fact that Jenny's bike decided the altitude was all too much and conked out. Only with choke would it continue on its way. Not much fun half way round a hairpin corner going uphill !! Anyway we continued on our way to Slovenia finding a campsite near the Postinja caves ( actually the camp site had a cave of its own but we didn't bother going to look ).

If ever you feel like heading that way and would like to look at a cave and you think you have looked at a few reasonable ones then think again. The Postinja caves are massive. It took 5 minutes on a small train to get into them ( all this being caves anyway ) and then an hour just to look around the "main" cave. Impressive is an understatement. Cheddar Gorge / Wokey Hole / Genolan Caves ( Australia ) has nothing on this one. There is approximately 25km of accessible caves. By the way on a hot day it is fab - 8 degrees centrigrade - pure bliss after the 35 degrees outside.

On the Friday morning we had intended on going to the cave but decided that the Lipica Horses ( white dancing things ) would be worth a look. OK so if you are into horses big time then perhaps but generally it was pretty boring and not that cheap. We had expected a lot more in the way of the show but it was almost as if it was training session and not full show time.

Slovenia itself is very pretty ( similar to Austria but half the price ) although the real tourist spots - like the cave were a bit overrun but still worth it.

Lipica Horse being let into the grass fields - all these are not the "dancing ones" but the breeding mares
This is a picture of some Swiss that appeared on the campsite that we were in awe of - real trekkers !!!!!!!!!!!! Turned out they were not going anywhere at all...................................
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