First Impressions can be lasting, and our first impressions were good, thanks to Thai Airways we had a very good flight, especially once we realized that they had French Red Wine on the drinks trolley and that it was free !!!!!!!. By the time we landed in Bangkok we had had a good meal and several glasses of Red AND we had washed it all down with a glass of Martell Cognac, all for free, we were very happy bunnies when we left the plane. Having checked with information that the bikes were on the same flight as us we got into a taxi and headed for the Ambassador Hotel, this Rupert had booked for all five of us, at $40 per night we were looking forward to one night of luxury, however they had double booked our rooms so we were forced to take a Royal Suite Apartment each, Oh its a hard life !!!, The hotel was so good that we decided we were overdue some luxury and stayed for four nights.
We all showered whilst Rupert went to the 7-11 for some beers, then having drunk them we decided to go and eat and get some more beer, Bangkok is a bloody good place, you can eat 24 hours a day and the 7-11 is open 24 hours, and after Pakistan, India and Nepal it is remarkably clean, by about 2am we were knackered so we headed for the hotel leaving Rupert and Thomas (a friend of Ruperts who met us at the hotel) to hit the Go Go bars. The next morning we were not really early enough getting out of bed so it was gone 10 o clock before we got out to the airport and found the customs office, after we had lost an hour while the customs officer had his lunch, then it was of to another office for more paper work, and then finally to the last office where we could stand and wait for our bikes to come out of the customs shed, finally after what seemed like an age the bikes appeared and we could start to put them back together again, by now it was 4 o clock, It took us about three hours to have all four bikes finished and loaded and ready for the ride into Bangkok.
And all the kings horses and all the kings men soon put Humpty together again. Well till the electric air pump failed anyway !!!.
Once we had left customs we stopped and filled up with fuel and finished inflating the tyres before we tried to make our way onto the expressway into Bangkok, unfortunately we were stopped at the toll booth and told that motorcycles were not allowed, (yet another country with annoying rules about motorcycles and decent roads !!! ) We tried to follow the expressway, but this ultimately failed and we got lost, no surprise there then !!, eventually we made it back to the Ambassador Hotel and rode the bikes up to the 11th floor, parking them by the entrance to the Royal Suite Apartments. After another trip to the 7-11 it was time for a couple of beers in Ruperts room (he had the largest lounge area and two bathrooms all to himself !! ) whilst we kept out of the way of one of the security guard who did not seem to like the bikes being parked at the 11 th floor entrance (we were supposed to park on the fourth floor, but we thought 4+7=11, so we went to the 7-11 instead !!),
The bikes on our 11th floor speciality parking area.
Once the coast was clear the five of us slid out for a Pizza and some and then it was time to check out the Go-Go bars for ourselves. We went to three different bars, the first two being topless and G -Strings but the last one was all nude, and it was in here that Jenny scored !!! The girls in all three bars seemed pleased to see a European woman, but in the third bar there was one girl who was dancing and chatting with Jenny and once her time was up she left the dance floor and came straight over to Jenny. They had a very enthusiastic girlie chat until we were the last ones to leave, promising to return again the next night after the dancer had given Jenny a rose !

The next day Rupert left for Chang Mai (home) and Sean and Adrian moved to the Bamboo Guest House. We all slept extremely late and finally at around 3 PM everyone left. Jenny & I decided to go back to the Go-Go bars again that night on our own as we thought it would be more fun. Again the girls were far more interested in Jenny than any of the men there ! Some of those that seemed quite bored when we arrived soon started having a laugh with her. We went back to the bar where Jenny had made friends with one of the dancers. The girl in question immediately rushing over for a hug (minus clothes of course!). We bought her a drink and chatted for a little while then walked with her to the end of the road where we went our separate ways.

Cliff sat on the 11th floor Veranda - note all the skyscrapers in the reflection.
We spent the next day on the overhead train just wandering around to see where it took us. The following day we left the comfort of the Ambassador Hotel and joined Sean and Adrian at the Bamboo Guest House so that we too could contact Mr Yut for repairs to our motorcycles and save some money on our hotel costs.
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