The two of us and Sean and Kate (we met Kate in Kathmandu and she decided to join Sean in Thailand once we new that Adrian had to return home for a while) found the Siam Bay Resort and we were welcomed by Pete and Carol and Ralf and Caroline. First things first, time for a beer and something to eat before the kitchen closed, then they told us that we did not have a Beach Hut free, or any of the bungalows either, but they had it all worked out, we were to have the double bed and share with Ralf and Caroline, and Sean and Kate would get the Veranda, however the single beds were quite big so Ralf and Caroline share one bed, Kate got the other single bed and Sean got the floor, fortunately the next day a small bungalow came free so Sean and Kate moved to that and we continued to share with Ralf and Caroline
This is the life, Christmas on a paradise Island, Sun, Sea, Cold Beer and no cold Turkey.
It was a difficult decision but we decided to spend the next day on the beach relaxing and the evening drinking, eating and talking about our various experiences, on Monday we went for a little ride around the Island and organised a diving trip for Tuesday (Christmas Eve !!) and then went back to the beach, followed of course by more drinking, eating and talking. The diving was very good though the visibility at the first dive site was a bit poor (4-5 mts) but was much better at the second dive site (8-10 mts) there was lots of coral and Shoals colourful fish, the others took the opportunity to do some snorkelling, as it was Christmas eve Ralf and Caroline insisted that in Germany they would open their presents that evening (seems a bit daft to me as Santa does not even come until after you go to sleep ?), the four of us end up chatting until about 3 AM, The best thing about meeting up with Ralf and Caroline is that like Jenny, Caroline is quite small, so they had plenty of stories to exchange about coping with a big bike, and Ralf and Cliff also had a lot in common as they both have to cope with small wives trying to cope with big bikes !!!
Christmas night, having a few beers and a laugh whilst sweating in the heat of the night !!!
Chritmas morning and the world was bright and sunny (well it was in Koh Chang ) Pete, Carol, Sean and Kate joined the four of us on the veranda, after the opening of the pressies we chatted and drank coffee and reminiced about cold Christmas's back home, before heading for into town for lunch, and boy was it good, we had cheese, ham, salami eggs salad and black forest ham, Lovely. having enjoyed a good lunch it was back to base to get the bikes on to the beach for a photo, then it was into the sea for a swim before we watched the sun go down,
Cliff on the beach at sunset on Christmas Day,
We were going to leave Koh Chang on the 27 th December, but after a difficult Boxing Day which involved laying on the beach, swimming and having a massage we decided that we needed the rest and chose to stay until the 28 th, Pete and Carol did leave on the 27 th and Ralf and Caroline were going to leave on the 27 th but after a late evening talking and drinking they failed find the enthusiam to get up and load the bikes, so they stayed for one more day. Having been in Thailand for less than two weeks we are really enjoying Thailand, It is so easy to understand why Ennio has been stuck here just travelling around for two years now. Finally on the 28 th we managed to get ourselves in gear and on aour way of the Island, It was time to head for Cambodia, After an easy days ride (Thailand has very good roads and pretty good driving-well after India anything is good) we got to the border town of Ayanya Prathet, where we found a hotel and some cheap beer. Tommorow Cambodia
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