Turkey is a big Country andwe will be here for a few weeks and after we have been to Syria and Jordan we will be returning to Turkey so we will split this into several pages

Turkey certainly is the place were east meets west, there are many cultural difference's, the first thing you notice when you get to Istanbul is that you get hassled to go into every shop to buy something, but being British and polite soon wears off, you quickly find yourself fighting the urge to tell them to F**k Off, If you get away from the shops they are incredibly friendly and helpful, When we crossed the border out of greece the Turkish soldier's on the bridge waved us to stop,then asked where we were from, we told them we were English and they asked if they could take our photo!!!, So they positioned us side by side in the middle of the bridge stopping and confusing the traffic on the bridge, After about five minute's we rode on to passport control leaving two soldiers very happy with their photo's of the ''Mad Ingle's'' !!!.

Apart from specifics that we will tell on pages relating to destinations. We came across a strange ( to us anyway ) requirement of the Islamic religion - feeding people. Apparently is it part of their faith that if they are eating nearby to another person they must offer to share their food. This proved almost embarrassing on our journey from Istanbul to Selcuk. Whilst on the ferry from Eceabat to Canakkale we parked out bikes next to a mother and son who immediately jumped out of their car to offer us water melon and water. We said thanks, a little shocked, and ate. Then there was a shout from the fella - did we want bread, cheese, ham etc - we declined as we were not really hungry. Then the coach driver in front of us appeared with a bottle of fanta and two cups. The funniest part was that the mother in the car appeared with wipes for our faces and hands. Then her son appeared with a packet each - these clearly had the words VIAGRA printed on the packet ( amusement all round ). Apparently he sold the pills but at first sight we were unsure as to what he was giving us - pills ???? These provided much amusement in Marmaris whilst trying to get a translation for the box. Our second encounter with food wielding Muslims was the next day on our way to Marmaris. We had stopped in some shade for a drink and a fag when a car pulled up near us ( there was a long strech where they could have stopped ). A family of around 6 got out and started unwrapping a packed lunch. Before we new it more water melon was offered - not speaking a great deal of English we just got "My friend" and water melon shoved at us. We daren't try to explain that we did not really want it so we ate it thankfully. After finishing it we were invited to the picnic table to continue - we managed to avoid this ! So as a general rule - if in a Muslim country and you are hungary - sidle up to a group eating !!!!!!!!!!!

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