The run to the border was surprisingly easy, given the usual Indian roads that we were becoming adjusted to, add to that the information on the Nelles maps was not totally accurate either, the mileages shown on the map were much greater than the reality so we had not expected to get to the border in one day. However we got to Sunuli and found a hotel for the night. Jenny ate the chicken but cliff decided to play safe and eat a vegi meal for a change, this turned out to be a mistake as Jenny's meal was very tasty and Cliff's vegi meal was not so safe, the next morning Cliff woke up with guts ache and a dose of the travellers trots, so after some hours and several pills we decided to just cross the border and find another hotel, The most annoying thing was that having travelled in India for a month Cliff got food poisoning on the last evening in the country.
A country of extremes, India goes from being really good and very interesting to being really bad and very annoying. The best example is the driving, In India everything is done slowly so as to create five jobs for five people when one person could do it, but as soon as they get out on the road then they just have to go as fast as possible and be the first one to arrive,this means that they try to get around you at traffic lights, at a railway crossing they all try to get up to the barrier, cars bikes scooters and rickshaws, so that when the barrier goes up they all meet in the middle and no one goes anywhere, all I can say is that when it comes to the road they are a race of STUPID MORONS, (at one of these railway crossings a twat on a scooter knocked Jenny off her bike in his desperate rush to be first to the other side). If you did not have to cope with the crazy driving then India is an excellent country, We found that most of the things that you get warned about were not as bad as other travellers had suggested, except the driving of course, which no amount of bad warnings can prepare you for, but the hassle on the streets was not as bad as we had been led to belive, this was much worse in Pakistan and Iran. India is the first country where we have seen Elephants walking down the street, mixed in with camels, ox carts, horses, donkeys and cows, pigs and water buffalo's, there are animals everywhere.

So many things here are completely different to back home, like the way they wrap your parcels using cloth which they sow up and then seal with wax, It is a very colourful country that is great one minute and then drives you mad the next minute, It is the kind of country that you have an ongoing love hate relationship with.

India is far to big to tour in just one month so we only did the northern part of India, so we will return in a few years and tour the southern half of India.

We'll be back

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