The last country we can ride to before we have to fly the bikes over Myanmar into Thailand, Having crossed the border we found a hotel and Cliff went back to bed. The next day Cliff was a little bit better, though still a bit weak, so we loaded the bikes and headed for the Royal Chitwan National Park, Thankfully the road from Sunuli to Chitwan was pretty good and the way people drive here in Nepal is much better than India, this was good as Cliff was struggling to keep his consentration. Having looked at a couple of places we decided to stay at the Crocodile Safari Guest House for 100 Rupees a night (about 80 pence). The first two days Cliff just rested and slept, there was a guy from Hungary staying at the same place who had arrived only an hour before us so Jenny went with Nick and a local tour guide called Ram for a walk, Ram showed them were the government Elephants were and took them to see a baby Rhinoceros at the park vets, they fed the baby Rhino bananas, and the he took them down to the river side for some good sunset photos
The Baby Rhino, It is only four months old and it already weighs 150 kg, and it loves bananas.
At about 6.30 in the morning the waiter is banging on our door to tell us that there is a Rhino outside the hotel, so we got up and went out to the entrance to the hotel and there walking down the road towards us is a huge Rhino !!!, what a fantastic way to start the day, we stayed for a whole week here but we did not get the chance to see a big rhino so close again, unfortunately it was very misty so the pictures are not very good. After this early excitement Cliff went back to bed, still feeling knackered from the dose of food poisoning, but that afternoon we decided that we would do the Elephant bathing the next day so that was booked. At 11.30 the next day the Elephants came to our hotel to pick us up, the Elephants lay down and you stand on its knee and then climb onto its back, when they stand up you realise how tall they are and how far it is to the ground if you fall off !!. We rode down to the river and the took it in turns to bath with one of the two Elephants, this was the best fun we have had since we left home, and it only cost about £2 each, we were bathing with the Elephants for about one hour before we rode them back to the hotel, ''FANTASTIC''.
The most fun that you can have for two pounds.
Jenny managed to stand up for about ten seconds before the Elephant dived under the water
We returned to our hotel feeling elated, but tired so we decided to have another day of rest and then do a days trekking in the jungle. Chitwan is a great place to rest, it is cheap, and you can rest at a bar on the beach (The river is quite sandy and one section makes an excellent beach with several bars where you can sit and watch Elephants bathing and crossing the river with tourists going on a jungle safari. After our day of total rest we were up early to walk across the river and into the wildlife park and do some trekking and hopefully spot some wild life. The trek was good, we did see a rhino crashing through the jungle as he ran away from us, we also saw Monkeys, lots of Crocodiles, many different birds, we also saw fresh Tiger footprints, but we did not get to see a Tiger.
Just one of many Crocodiles that we saw on our trek
Cliff sleeping in the jungle at lunch time
Before leaving for Katmandu we fed the baby Rhino again and watch the Elephants and of course rested on the beach, on our last evening we sat with the two Elephants that lived right behind our hotel and which we had done the Elephant bathing with, this really was a fantastic experience, sitting on the straw with the Elephant driver and his brother, feeding them and just sitting there looking up at these enormous beasts was amazing, these two Elephants were very lucky as the Elephant driver and his brother really did love these animals, they stay with them from about 3.30 in the morning until they go to sleep at night, with their mother spending most of the day making up the six hundred packages of food that they eat every day, There love for these animals meant they were much better cared for than the Government Elephants, though the care of these Elephants was also good, but the two brothers hardly ever needed to use the bamboo stick, they just talked to their Elephants and they did as they were asked, where as the Government Elephant needed the Stick to be used quite a lot
This is not a great photo but it is dark and it shows how close we were to the Elephants for a couple of hours, Cliff in the orange Nick in the white.
The next day we rode on to Katmandu to meet up with Sean and Adrian again and get the shipping of the bikes organized.
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