So having crossed the border and made it to Alor Setor, where we had been told there was plenty of hotels, we rode around for a while and the only hotel we found look like a dump so we rode on, eventually we asked a taxi driver, and he pointed across the road to a high rise block that was behind several buildings, after he had told us how to get there we went on our way, having found the hotel we negociated for a while as it was a bit pricey, and then settled in for the night. Despite it being Va;lentines Day and the Hotel having a special meal for the night we found and ate in the McDonalds
Well we spent a little to much on the hotel so we saved a bit on our food !!!!! The next morning we continued our journey south, as we headed for the Cameron Highlands, we had got about 120 miles done when the heavens opened, by the time we had found a bridge to shelter under we were wet through. As we had only had three days previously when it had rained since leaving home (the short shower the previous day hardly counts as it was barely enough to make the road wet) we could not really complain, once the rain eased we carried on our way to the Cameron Highlands. We rode through a couple more rainstorms but none were as hard as the first one. Having made it up the twisting rode to Tanah Rata, we found a Guesthouse were we could park the bike (and get a room as they were all pretty full). That evening Cliff watched Arsenal beat Man Utd and England beat France in the Six Nations, So the day ended well !

The next day we got up (eventually) and did a bit of Jungle trekking and looking at Waterfalls etc.

Interesting foliage eh-what
There are plenty of treks in the areea around Tanah Rata, so having looked at the map we figured we would start with the trek nearest the guesthouse, so we walked down the lane beside the guesthouse until we decided that we must have made a mistake, so we turned around and started to walk back, then we met a couple of Japanese tourists, and the fella (who it turns out has been here for two months mapping out the treks) tells us he will show os the way. Well no wonder we missed the start of the trek, there was no sign and you had to walk along a stream for about 50 metres into the Jungle and then climb aslippery bank, then you came to the track, at this point we realized that the maps provided by the local tourist office were not very accurate. No wonder the Japanese fella was making his own maps, which he probably plans to sell to other Jap tourists. Once we were on the right track we made our way though the thick Jungle to its end. Presumeably this track does not get many walkers on it as they cannot find it, so it was very overgrown.  From the end of this track we joined another that was obviously well used that would take us to the Robinson Falls.
Pictured left is the Robinson Falls

We continued our walk ending up back in Tanah Rata, where we caught a bus up to the Butterfly Farm, this we were inspired to do because the previous evening we had seen the biggest Butterfly of our lives, this was about 9-10 inches across the wings, it was red and brown in colour. So we thought we might see some more at the Butterfly Farm, But no they did not have any of them, but they did have a lot of other Butterflies, as we walked around the Avery looking at the various Butterflies one of the landed on Cliff's shoulder and then worked it way up onto his Face !!

That evaning we enjoyed some Indian food for the first time in a while, it made a nice change from noodles !! The next day we left for Kuala Lumpur.
One of the many Butterflies we saw, this one is about 5 inches across the wings.
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