We arrived in Kuala Lumpur just in time to find a hotel and park the bikes before it rained, this is the view from our bedroom window on the fourteenth floor of the Furama Hotel, Despite being a tower block Hotel, the
price was reasonable when compared to the alternatives, and it had good safe parking for the bikes, also it was right in Chinatown, I think we got our timing right here, as when we arrived the hotel was almost empty so we got a good discount, the following evening they were turning people away as they were full !! In the picture above you can see the Menara Tower which is 421 metres tall and the Petronas Twin Towers to its right (side on view so you can only see one tower) which are 452 metres tall, Incidentally the tourist brochure claims that they are 'Currently the Tallest Twin Towers in the World' I don't know what height the World Trade Centre was, but I think they are not as tall any more !!! Anyway we went up to the Sky-Bridge, which is as far as they let tourists like us go, this is on the 41st floor, there are 88 floors in the Petronas Twin Towers so we did not even get half way up, Having got to the 41st floor all I can say is stuff working on the 88th floor, I'm sure you would get used to it but it just does not seem like a good idea to me.
It look like a long way up, but when you get up there it looks like its further to get back down !!!
One of the advantages of being in Chinatown is that this is were the best of the food and nightlife seem to be, We did try Little India one night but that turned out to be a disaster as almost everything was closed we finally found an Indian restaurant that was open but it was not very good. So back to Chinatown and don't waste you're money on a taxi !! In Chinatown we ate well and very Cheaply, The exploding roasted Chestnuts were an excellent starter !
Chinatown at night is a good and busy place
There is not actually a great deal to see and do in KL, its a good clean city with plenty of interesting buildings, most of which you can't go inside, and its share of museums etc, and it does have Bird Park, this claims to be the worlds largest covered Aviary, It was Quite interesting but almost devoid of people, this was a bonus for us !
A brightly coloured variety of Parrot taking a bath
A very colourful bird the size of a Sparrow
So that's it for KL, its actually a pretty nice city, but it is a good working city Though only of limited interest to the tourist, though it does have a Mcdonalds on almost every street corner.
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